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Delivery and payment

Synergy has become even closer to you! We try to save the time of our guests, which is why, now, in order to eat our favorite dishes, it is not necessary to go to the company's restaurants, it is enough just to form a basket on our website or in the Synergy Eats application.

At the start of our project, in order to comply with the quality of the product and its transportation, we have determined the most optimal delivery area and in the future we plan to deliver dishes wherever you are.

Saving time

In order for your order to be delivered as quickly as possible from the moment of checkout, for our delivery managers, we preferred electric scooters as transport. This is safe and environmentally friendly for both humans and products.


We responsibly approached the choice of packaging for our service, choosing the most environmentally friendly materials in the modern world for its manufacture, including: bamboo raw materials, kraft and biodegradable plastic. All our packaging is airtight, maintains temperature and is subject to transportation.

Contactless delivery

In the comments for ordering, you can request contactless delivery, after paying for an order through the Synergy EATS app or on the site. In this case, our delivery manager will leave an order at the specified safe place and will notify you on time.

Delivery zone

You can pre-pay the order on the site or in the Synergy Eats application, as well as in cash and non-cash settlement upon arrival of your order.

Currently, we are ready to deliver in the area highlighted in color. In the future, we plan to expand the coverage area of ​ our service and will definitely become accessible to all residents of our city.


Minimum order amount 250 ₴
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But you can fix it at any time